The Governing Board of Hagafilo College conscious of the fact that students at Hagafilo College are all adults according to the laws of Tanzania and must accept the responsibility of adults, desirous therefore that students should observe these by laws, draw up and enforce their own rules of community living in appropriate to the special needs and work at the college level.

Students are additionally reminded that they are subject to laws of Tanzania while on the College campus or elsewhere. If a student is convicted of an offence in a dully established court of law against the laws of the country or any other country his/her continued membership of Hagafilo College may be considered or reviewed by the disciplinary authority.

Any kind of misconduct by a student or students that has the effect of tarnishing the good image of the College is prohibited. Students are required to conduct themselves at all times in a manner suitable for the reputation of their status as college students.

Students shall be expected to treat each other, members of staff, and the members of the community in general, with courtesy and consideration and in particular, by observing moral and ethical norms at all times.

Every student is presumed to be aware of the existence of these By- laws and any other laws of Hagafilo College of Development Management (CODEM) and IT SHALL NOT BE A DEFENSE for any student in relation to any proposed disciplinary measure that these by laws were not brought to his/her attention by the College. Students are required to sign a declaration form that they shall respect the College.

Whereas Hagafilo College has been established for pursuit of truth, a high quality education, research, consultancy and ethical values. And
Whereas such truth, quality education, research, consultancy and ethical values can best be attained peacefully when peace, tranquility and good cooperation accompanied with respect among member of the College prevail.

There are established Students By-Laws to assure prevalence of these conditions and ultimately, attendances to the mission of the Hagafilo College of Development Management.